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Public Wi-Fi database. Geo-Location API. Public API of position by Wi-Fi (MAC, BSSID).


I would like to introduce public API implementation of Wi-Fi Geo-Location database. There are on the Internet a lot of sources of Wi-Fi positions but all of them have disadvantages of small data sets or inaccurate data.

This database could be interesting for any applications that have to get accurate user location via Wi-Fi information.

Basis compilation has following open databases:

At this moment database contains about 34M+ of records and it always getting new data.

If you have any reliable source of Wi-Fi data, please share it with me via e-mail [email protected].

API doesn't contains any hidden limitations or usage fees. All the data is provided "as is" and free without any money contribution.

Specifications of Public Geo-Location API

Request paths:{wifi-bssid}{wifi-bssid}

{wifi-bssid} - BSSID of Wi-Fi AP (MAC address of network's AP card)

BSSID variants input:

  • A0:F3:C1:3B:6F:90
  • A0F3C13B6F90
  • a0f3c13b6f90
  • A0-F3-C1-3B-6F-90
  • a0-f3-c1-3b-6f-90


Response example:

{"result":200, "data":{"range": 140, "lan": "60.05205150", "lon": "30.33848000", "signal": "-80"}}
Field "result" contains 200 if Wi-Fi was found, otherwise it returns 404

Description of successful response:

  • lat - latitude
  • lon - longitude
  • range - accuracy of result in meters

Refined location (Beta) multiple Wi-Fis

This section describes opportunity to fetch geo-location by multiple amount of Wi-Fi APs. It has the syntax: User sends the set of APs with them signal straight levels and server returns location coordinate. The request string should be wrapped with Base64

Request paths:{base64-search-string}{base64-search-string}

{base64-search-string} - Base64 encoded string with following properties:

Example of input string:



SS - Signal Strength


The web-site has a demo visualisation API results on map.


Statements of the API project:

  • Open data Geo-Location API  that licensed with  MIT License. All the request should contain key "data=open" key. The data from comes from the open source written above.
  • Any data from Geo-Location API is presented "as is".
  • Any usage of Geo-Location API are done by a final user without any stated guarantees and specific condition.
  • Usage liable of any data fetched from API fully lies on a final user activity and could be never wired with Geo-Location API service.

API database contains about 34.5M+ records. Usage of API is fully free of charge.


I you need full database of Wi-Fi in CSV format you can download here. The compilation has updated dump of all the sources of the API.

I'll be happy to give you any help via e-mail [email protected].

Here are some application that could let you view about accuracy of the API. Feel free to install!

POC Application:
Get it on Google Play

POC Application for Developers:
Get it on Google Play

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  1. I love this!
    What is your database based on?
    Is it based on the Google Geolocation API?

  2. Can we get WIFI Ip public from Router Mac Address?

  3. Do you have UK data

  4. Hi, I have two question.Firstly, Now my wifi position is seen your website.But I don’t want to be seen my wifi position. Do you have any idea ? Secondly, I want to buy new Access point(AP).After buying new AP, How long time will it is not seen on your website?

    • Dear Sadima,
      Firstly, thank you for you comment. Basically, it is not a question when your new AP (access point) point will appear inside of the database. The question is how fast your new AP point would be scanned by crowd.
      Secondly, if you need to delete your own AP, you could write me a personal e-mail. However by the next scan could appear in database again.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hi, is there any way we can get nearby wifi based on current location?

    Haven`t seen any search by lat/lng.

  6. Thanks very useful idea keep going, However just a small note that the API request doesn’t work as same as the web-site visualization API ! I don’t know why the web-site find the Wi-Fis better and the API request gives a not found error sometimes although it is there in the web-site.

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